We're back....and in the Catskills

So it took a while to get to the point of re-opening our doors but we're back and in Narrowsburg, NY!

November - May were long months of preparation. We were ready to open and then electricians had to do their thing. They had to tear out newly laid Sheetrock; it was a sad day. So then, we had to patch it back up. We'll let the photos below speak for themselves.

It's now almost July and Patrick Hirose and RH Doaz stuck through it with us. They're both showing through First Friday in August. Thanks for sticking with us too! We'll be sending out updates if you're on our mailing list, make sure to sign up. Oh and in celebration of FINALLY opening - we're giving 10% off towards your first online purchase! Use the code: NARROWSBURG

Click Here to see the current show

Forage Space - 144 Main St, Narrowsburg, NY

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