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This is our second solo show featuring Shawn Beeks, first was in Philadelphia and now in Narrowsburg. Here Shawn and Jonathan have a chat about his current show "Open House". Click Here to see Shawn's Full Show Forage Space: Let's start things off with telling the viewer a bit about yourself, Shawn. Shawn Beeks: I'm a visual artist currently living in Philadelphia since 2006. The majority of my free time is spent researching crime, design and cats. I'm also 6' tall with a strong disliking of cliches. FS: What, I thought that everyone enjoyed a good cliches, kind of like...

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Kristin Bowler /  Spencer Tunick
Opens February 10, 2018 | 4-8p | Forage Space - Narrowsburg, NY

For a special Valentine’s Day project, Bowler and Tunick celebrate love and eternal artistic partnership. Kristin Bowler’s paintings are of a mysterious dream world inhabited by a powerful tribe of beings whose purpose is to inspire, enlighten and energize action through creative expression. In the spirit of female inspiration and a strong powerful tribe, Bowler and Tunick gathered friends to pose nude with her paintings in an intimate setting. Original paintings and collaborative photographs will be available.

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Meet Benjamin Adcroft: Benjamin is a painter, homesteader and cheesemaker living in Vermont. His work originates from observing the changes amongst the plants, animals and landscapes of rural New England. The painting process utilizes materials and methods that reflect the instability of our environment. Born and raised in Scranton Pennsylvania, Benjamin received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. His work has been featured in various NYC galleries (such as the Theatre Lab and SVA Westside galleries) and has seen his works published by Discover magazine. Currently, he is raising chickens and growing vegetables with...

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So it took a while to get to the point of re-opening our doors but we're back and in Narrowsburg, NY! November - May were long months of preparation. We were ready to open and then electricians had to do their thing. They had to tear out newly laid Sheetrock; it was a sad day. So then, we had to patch it back up. We'll let the photos below speak for themselves. It's now almost July and Patrick Hirose and RH Doaz stuck through it with us. They're both showing through First Friday in August. Thanks for sticking with us too!...

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