Bowler & Tunick - Bring Their Collaboration Project to Narrowsburg, NY

The line is blurred for Kristin Bowler and Spencer Tunick; muse and artist, wife and husband, painter and photographer. For a special Valentine’s Day project, Bowler and Tunick celebrate this blurred line in love and eternal artistic partnership. Their project opens February 10, 2018 from 4-8 pm at Forage Space in Narrowsburg, NY.

Kristin Bowler’s paintings are of a mysterious dream world inhabited by a powerful tribe of beings whose purpose is to inspire, enlighten and energize action through creative Kristin Bowler & Spencer Tunick - Forage Space, Narrowsburg, NYexpression. The faces in her paintings beckon and lead the viewer into a hidden realm of fantastic, magical, wild women expressed through abstract forms, flowing lines and expressive details.

In the spirit of female inspiration and a strong powerful tribe, Bowler and Tunick gathered friends to pose nude with her paintings. The fearless nudes embody the paintings in an intimate setting with the intention to celebrate this moment in the artists' lives, honoring their marriage and the choice to live as artists who strive to keep the creative spirit motivated and inspired.

Tunick’s photographs transform public space with nude landscapes. The photographs channel Silvia Sleigh’s and Rene Magritte’s, Dada inspired, surreal, within a familiar domestic setting combined with the unfamiliar twist of the the nude figure. Original paintings and collaborative photographs will be available.

Bowler and Tunick have previously collaborated to produce the All-Women Nude Protest against the hateful rhetoric spewed by Donald Trump.

Forage Space is an art gallery nestled in the town of Narrowsburg, NY after six years in Philadelphia (voted best gallery two years and runner up one year). They feature new art each month, with openings every second Saturday. They are located at 144 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY 12764. Regular hours are Friday 5-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm or by appointment.

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